Animation Services

Bring your Ideas to life with animation

Creating simple animations for your project can really make it stand out. Having your parts animate could give your client a better idea of what your project actually does.

Whether its a simple rotation of a wheel, or a complex "exploding" view of an engine, we can help bring your project to life. We use software that seamlessly animates multiple objects, giving you a clean, smooth presentation for you or your clients.

We can turn your idea into a 3D object that can be used for a variety of applications. Most of the 3D modeling we have done in the past has been for 3D printing.


Our hourly rate for Animation is as follows:

  • $37.50/hour for Animation from scratch.
  • $35/hour Animating a project we did for you

  • Contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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    Check out our Gallery

    Check out our collection of some previous work we have done. We have a wide range of skills so you will see a little of everything. We hope you enjoy.

    NOTE: These images are for viewing only and should not be copied of duplicated for personal gain. Patent infringement on any of these prototypes will result in a lawsuit.

    Need Other Services?

    We aren't just a 3D printing company, we offer a variety of design and print services. We offer Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Stress Test Analysis, Technical Drawings, Simple Animation, and General Design services. Whatever your design need may be, we can help.